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25/2011 2011-03-25 Taking over of assets of Maflow France SA

In connection with the current report no 80/2010 of December 1st, 2010, the Management Board of Boryszew S.A. informs that yesterday the agreement finalizing taking over of property of assets of Maflow France SA in solvency to Maflow France Automotive S.A.S., 100 % subsidiary of Boryszew S.A. was signed.

The above said agreement is a result of a sentence of Commercial Court in Chartres of December 1st, 2010, confirming the offer placed by Boryszew S.A.

The taken over assets consist of, among others:
- assets,
- intangible and law assets,
- inventories and goods-under-production,
- selected agreements concerning activity of Maflow France SA, binding on the day of signing the agreement,
- other elements, including shares in Maflow DO Brazil Ltda.,
- cession of leasing agreement on real estate.

Both parties have agreed a sale price of Maflow France SA. In solvency for EUR 1,800,001.00 and the price of cession of real estate leasing agreement for EUR 1,900,000.00.

Małgorzata Iwanejko – Chairman of the Management Board
Robert Bednarski – Vice-Chairman of the Management Board


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