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23/2010 2010-05-13 Forecast of results

IManagement Board of Boryszew S.A. releases the forecast of financial results of the Boryszew Capital Group in 2010:

Result on the operating activity: PLN 144 m.
Net profit: PLN 84 m.

Similar volumes for 2009 (audited) according to the 4Q were accordingly:
Result on the operating activity – PLN 140 m
EBIDTA – PLN 216 m
Net profit – PLN 52 m.

The forecast has been prepared taking into account the following macroeconomics factors (medium year volumes):
USD/PLN 2.70
EUR/PLN 4.00

Metals on LME quotations:
Aluminium 2,100 USD/t
Copper 7,900 USD/t
Zinc 2,300 USD/t
Lead 2,400 USD/t

The Management Board emphasizes that the curriencies rates and the metals quotations, particularly EUR rate and the lead price, are one of the main outside factors having influence on the results of the Boryszew Capital Group.
Generally the weakness of EUR rate and the decrease of lead price have the negative influence on the achieved profits. But it is not possible in an explicit, reliable and exact way to fix the influence of these risks on the changes in the particular volumes presented in the forecast.

The level of the realization of the forecast basing on the internal system of the business control will be carefully observed by the Management Board of Boryszew S.A.
Estimation of the possibilities of the realization of forecast results will be presented in the periodical consolidated reports (quarterly and yearly) of the Boryszew Capital Group.

In case of well-grounded circumstances of difference exciding 10% in relation to the one of the forecast items the Management Board of Boryszew S.A. will release such information in the form of the current report.

The financial forecast has not been appraised by the auditor.

Małgorzata Iwanejko – Chairman of the Management Board


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