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13/2013 2014-02-21 Adjusting a status of possessing of Boryszew’s shares

Current report no 13/2014

The Management Board of Boryszew S.A. with the seat in Sochaczew (Company) in connection with the Resolution no 4 of the Extraordinary General Meeting of the Company dated 17 February 2014 regarding: consolidation of the Company’s shares and the authorization of the Management Board to take necessary action asks the Company’s shareholders to adjust a status of possessing of the Company’s shares on securities’ accounts in such a way so that the possessed number of the Company’s shares on the Reference Day makes one – or multiple of the figure 10. The Reference Day will be settled by the Company and this fact will be released by the separate report.
The purpose of the above mentioned action is to minimalize the risk of falling through the procedure of the Company’s shares combination due to the limited number of shares which will be assigned to shareholders in place of shares being consolidations shortfalls.

Piotr Szeliga – President of the Management Board


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