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103/2015 2015-08-31 Signing an agreement regarding sale of Boryszew’s Branch – Nowoczesne Produkty Aluminiowe Skawina in Skawina

The Management Board of Boryszew S.A. informs that on 31 August 2015 it signed with PG Aluminium Spółka z o.o. under organization with the seat in Warsaw (the Buyer) an agreement binding to sell Nowoczesne Produkty Aluminiowe Skawina in Skawina (NPA).

According to the concluded agreement Boryszew S.A. undertakes to bring in of NPA to the objective company, then to sell 100 % of the objective company’s shares to the Buyer. The sale price for 100 % of the objective company’ shares has been set for PLN 150 million with such provision that the final price will incident to the level of net working capital and net debt of NPA, accepted by parties, - as at the day of concluding the intended agreement. The parties have determined the suspension conditions which must be fulfilled before the conclusion of the intended contract. The key suspension conditions are:
- on the Buyer’s side: (i) getting an agreement from the President of the Competition and Consumer Protection Office (UOKiK) for the planned transaction, (ii) providing the financing of the planned transaction;
- on the Company’s side: (i) getting agreements of proper bodies for the planned transaction, required by law and the Company Statute
as well as getting agreements of third entities (among others: clients, financing institutions) for realization of the above mentioned transaction.

The fulfilling of the suspension conditions of the agreement should be possible until 30 November 2015, including the fact that getting an agreement o fUOKiK should be possible until 31 October 2015.

Boryszew’s Branch Nowoczesne Produkty Aluminiowe Skawina is a producer of aluminium wire rod,
aerial wires and cables including these from special aluminium alloys.

Piotr Szeliga – President of the Management Board

Translation from the original Polish version.
In the event of differences resulting from the translation, reference should be made to the official Polish version.



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