Boryszew Group consistently strives to develop and optimise the services offered by the Group companies. As a large entity with operations spanning four segments, we need to continuously improve and expand our product offer to best meet the needs of our numerous Polish and international customers. This is why Boryszew Group incessantly pursues product and machinery innovations in the areas of chemicals, non-ferrous metals and steel.

The R&D activities undertaken by the Group are of a global scope, which translates into production process optimization in all Boryszew plants, both in Poland and abroad. We believe that our well-devised investment plans and proper management thereof will help us further develop and expand our product portfolio in the years to come.
CompanyGrant decision date Completion dateProject nameProject value
(PLN k)
Including an EU grant of
(PLN k)
Boryszew ERGNovember 201731 October 2020Eco-friendly nano-fluid for automotive radiators with innovative performance parameters6,4663,295
NPA Skawina30 November 201531 January 2021Development of innovative production technology of wire rod from high-strength aluminium alloys of 2xxx, 5xxx, 7xxx series75,24229,816
15 December 201630 June 2020MultiEx – innovative technology for the continuous production of composite tubes based on aluminium and aluminium alloys15,5778,205
10 June 201624 March 2020Reduction of transmission losses in HV (110kV) power distribution lines through the development of innovative material and design solutions and technologies for the production of low-loss overhead lines4,6742,682
Walcownia Metali Dziedzice30 June 201629 February 2020BRASS CAST&DRAW® Tech – innovative production technology of products from copper alloys with a new standard of geometric quality intended for material removal processing on high-speed automatic cutting machines 51,66720,674
ZM Silesia1 January 201830 June 2021Development and implementation of a production technology of a full range of Zn-Al alloy wires intended for corrosion protection by spray metallization method23,79110,953
Maflow Polska1 May 201730 April 2020Innomoto19,5184,568
BRS Commodities1 July 201730 June 2020Development and implementation of advanced component manufacturing technologies and their integration in the form of an innovative door panel for motor vehicles20,1957,849
Walcownia Rur Andrzej (WRA)1 May 2017Innovative high-chromium martensitic steel for boiler tubes for conventional power generation applications in supercritical conditions00
1 June 2018Innovative TRIP-aided bainitic ferrite (TBF) steel tubes for high-strength products for the mining industry with improved performance parameters00
Innovative rolling technology of seamless pipes made of alloy steels with planned quality parameters for the power and mining industry00
Huta Bankowa1 April 201731 December 2020Designed rolling of large-sized long bars with non-furnace treatment – a new production technology of quality long rolled bars made of alloy steels with designed properties for the engineering industry70,40928,164
1 April 201731 March 2020SBR-x: Unique forged and rolled special-purpose steel ring with advanced, designed cross-section and adjustable operating properties24,23414,479
1 January 201830 September 2020Automatic line for inspection and quality testing of rings and rims with an intelligent system for identification and measurement of internal defects using PA-ultrasonic testing method, measurement of shape errors using 3D measuring heads and SMART-HARD testing of mechanical properties 36,31521,822