The Board of Boryszew S.A. is fully committed to maintaining standards of corporate governance. Therefore, we make every effort to ensure that all shareholders, with full respect of their rights and regardless of the amount of shares held, have timely and equal access to the company’s information. Full transparency and ethical business practices is part of our corporate governance policy.


Composition of the Audit Committee

  • Chairman: Jarosław Antosik
  • Members: Mirosław Kutnik and Wojciech Zymek.


In accordance with § 15.1 of the Articles of Association of Boryszew S.A., the choice of an expert auditor to carry out the audit of financial statements falls within the competence of the Supervisory Board. The Company has no explicit regulations defining the rules for selecting and changing an entity authorised to audit its financial statements. The practice adopted by Boryszew S.A. consists in conducting a selection procedure of an entity authorised to audit the Company's financial statements. The process is conducted at least once every two years. Guided by its care to ensure reliability of the audit of its financial statements, the Company turns to reputable audit companies with a proposition of carrying out the audit. Entrusting the audit to such companies is a guarantee that the extent of the audit will be as wide as possible.


The Company has not adopted any formal documents describing its approach to diversity in regard to the Board and top management. The selection of Board Members and key directors is carried out on the basis of experience, qualifications and competencies in accordance with the legal regulations on fair treatment of employees. The company aims at ensuring diversity, especially in terms of sex, education, age and professional experience in regard to all its employees, with particular focus on the Board and key management.