Application submission

The recruitment process begins with the publication of a job opening. All our current job openings can be found on our company website and on the most popular job portals. After submitting your application, you will receive an email confirming that we have received your application.

Application review

At this stage, we make a pre-selection among all submitted applications. We also take into account any applications that we have received during previous recruitment processes provided that the candidates who submitted them expressed their interest in participating in any future recruitments. To the next stage, we invite those candidates whose experience best matches the job description and our business needs.

Initial face-to-face or phone interview

During the initial face-to-face or phone interview, we learn more about the candidate. We focus on the candidate's work experience, key competencies and internal motivation. The first interview also provides the candidate with an opportunity to learn more about our organization and the job offered.

Meeting with the prospective line manager

Next, the candidates who received a positive recommendation from the recruitment specialist are invited to a meeting with their prospective line manager. The meeting, apart from a conversation on job-related issues, is also an occasion for the candidate and the prospective line manager to get to know each other better and helps the manager to check whether the candidate will be a good fit for the team. Sometimes the prospective manager may ask the candidate to solve a test or to perform a task to check their knowledge or skills necessary for the job.

Reference check

At this stage, we learn more about each candidate by contacting their former colleagues, managers or employers provided by the candidate as referees. The process of collecting references makes it easier for us to make the final decision and choose the candidate we will invite to join our team.

Job offer

At the end of the process, all candidates who were invited for an interview and to the following stages receive our feedback. The candidate we have chosen receives from us a job offer.