In their business activities, both Boryszew Group and all the companies that belong to it follow the principles of sustainable development, combining the implementation of economic goals with social and environmental ones. In all our actions, we are guided by the principle of transparency and our ethical standards while respecting the rights of both our employees and shareholders.

In our business decision making processes, we also consider environmental and social factors as well as the principles of corporate governance and our code of good ESG practices. We believe that sustainable revenue generation depends on stable and well-managed social, environmental and economic systems, so we want to contribute to the long-term health and stability of the market.


The social environment, in which Boryszew member companies operate, determines their business decisions. There are a number of key factors such as:

  • Limiting local environmental damage caused by production,
  • Professional activation of local communities and preventing social exclusion,
  • Supporting local initiatives providing economic growth for present generations.


Caring for the natural environment is one of the core values that Boryszew Group is guided by during the implementation of the Group’s business development strategy. The environmental management systems in our key companies are certified with ISO 14000, which sets the standards for:

  • Minimizing the negative impact of production and technological processes on the environment,
  • Applying technical and technological solutions that guarantee efficient management of natural resources
  • Compliance with applicable norms, standards, and regulations on environmental protection,
  • Ensuring continuous improvement of pro-environmental processes and procedures.


All Boryszew Group companies comply strictly with the Regulation of the European Parliament and Council concerning the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) and with the obligation imposed by the REACH Regulation to register all chemical substances contained in their products. The REACH system guarantees that the highest standards for protection of human health and the environment are maintained. It is based on the assumption that it is the role of the manufacturers to ensure that the substances they produce do not adversely affect human health or the environment.


Due to the nature of their core business, Boryszew Group companies help significantly reduce the environmental impact of waste. For instance, the core business of the waste treatment plant ZUO in Konin is the storage of hazardous waste and ‘ecological bombs’. Also, ZUO provides specialist transport services for this type of waste in full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. Moreover, ZUO focuses on raising the environmental awareness of the public.

The production process of another Boryszew Group company, Baterpol, is based on the purchase and processing of scrapped car batteries. The technological solutions applied in the Company close the cycle of car battery recycling. The optimized process allows the further use of over 95% of the weight of the scrap. Baterpol applies modern technological solutions that meet the requirements of national and EU environmental safety and protection standards.


While following the Company’s mission and development strategy, Boryszew Group meets all fundamental business ethic principles.


We strictly observe the principles of corporate governance applicable to public listed companies. We comply with the code of good practice concerning the operation of statutory governance bodies of the Group itself and the Group companies. We manage our relations with all key stakeholder groups, including employees, shareholders, investors, suppliers, clients and customers, capital market institutions, and local communities. In our market communication, we are guided by the overriding principles of openness, credibility and reliability of and equal access to information. In cooperation with our business partners, we are guided by absolute professional integrity. All our long-term relationships are based on trust and mutual respect.


We are a mature organization, fully aware of our responsibilities towards our social and natural environment. Our business decisions are made not only based on financial analyses, but also take into consideration any long-term social and ecological impacts they might have.
The key areas of Boryszew Group’s business responsibility include responsibility:

  • to employees > maintaining high standards of occupational health and safety,
  • to investors > ensuring long-term growth of the Company's value,
  • to customers > ensuring high product quality standards,
  • to suppliers > building mutually beneficial partnership-based cooperation,
  • to capital market institutions > ensuring compliance with applicable regulations, legal standards and codes of good practice,
  • to local communities > caring for the environment and supporting all community development initiatives.


In all our operations, we engage in social dialogue with a number of stakeholder groups, from employees and their representatives to local communities and others. We understand social dialogue as:

  • the process of prior consultation of all business decisions that may have a significant impact on our business, social and natural environment, whose goal is to gain social acceptance for our decisions,
  • the process of communication of any issues arising from mutual relations that are relevant to the stakeholders to the top management of the Group and the Group companies.


All key Boryszew Group companies are compliant with ISO 9001 standard and meet its specific requirements as well as eight principles of quality:

  • Client-orientated (company’s position on the market is dependent on its clients),
  • Leadership (the company’s management works on development strategies),
  • People’s engagement (people are the most priceless asset),
  • Process-orientated (effectiveness depends mainly on processes within the company itself),
  • Systems approach to management (quality management is considered the management of mutual processes),
  • Constant improvement (the company’s biggest goal is to continually improve its processes),
  • Rational approach to decision making process (making decisions based on a comprehensive analysis of all available data),
  • Mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers (providing mutually beneficial relationships with product and service suppliers guarantees high quality).

The highest quality of the product, meeting the customer’s specific needs by adapting the offer as well as high standards are the fundamental advantages of Boryszew Group, which guarantees maintaining and strenghtening its market position.